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Science 10

Chemistry resources:




Section 4.3 page 77 Answer Key: 4.3 p.77 key.pdf

Text section 5.1: pH BC10TEXTCH05_Sec1.pdf

Interdisciplinary Resources:

1.1, 1.2 Global Interactions (Part 1) ÔÇô Interactions in the Biosphere.pptx

2.2. Global Interactions (Part 2) ÔÇô Nutrient Cycling.pptx

Notes with answers: keys.pdf

Text sections for Atmosphere: BC10TEXTCH10_Sec1.pdfBC10TEXTCH10_Sec2.pdfBC10TEXTCH11_Sec1.pdfBC10TEXTCH11_Sec2.pdf

Link to energy website:

Links to videos: IDU videos on Fossil Fuels.docxVideo links for Interdisciplinary unit.docx  IDU website and video links.docx

Infographics on Canadian Climate Change:

Site C Dam article: Site C Dam.pdf

Video links for fossil fuels : IDU videos on Fossil Fuels.docx

Oil Sands powerpoint: SS10 pembina institute impact of oil in Canada.pps

Big Bang Unit Resources:

Scientific Models, Theory & Laws Powerpoint: Cosmology Lesson 1 Scientific Models.pptx

Cosmology Powerpoint: The Universe presentation SL.pptx

Powerpoint notes Answer Keys: Big Bang Theory Answer Keys.pdf

Big Bang space video links:  Links to Videos for the Big Bang unit.docx

Doppler Effect video links: Dopplar effect videos.docx

Radioactivity Unit Resources:

Text and workbook sections:

Atomic Theory, Isotopes and Radioactive Decaybc10textch07_sec1.pdf




Nuclear Reactionsbc10textch07_sec3.pdf


Quantum Computing article: Google Claims a Quantum Breakthrough That Could Change Computing.docx

Genetics Unit Resources

Punnett Squares Notes page: Punnett squares handout.docx

Punnett Squares Power Point for Notes:  Punnett_Squares.pptx

Punnett Squares Worksheet: Punnet Squares Worksheet.docx

Punnett Squares part 2: Mendelian Genetics Part II.pptx

Nuclear Radiation resources:

Recommended videos: Radiation video urls.docx

Links to Videos: Genetics videos.docx

Answer Key to Biology text page 189: Biology Text p 189.docx

Mendelian Genetics handout key: 20170411111819059.pdf

Human GMO's: human gmos.pdf

Life Science 11

Term 3 2019 - 2020

Textbook Glossary: Glossary.pdf

Arthropods: Chapter 28.pdf

Term 2

Evolution Review:

Chapters 15, 16 & 17: Chapter 14.pdfch 15.pdf  Chapter 16.pdf  Chapter 17.pdf

Chapter 18 (Protists) : Ch 18.pdf

Tree of Life Revision: tree of life 1.jpg

Tree of Life Revision vocabulary worksheet: Tree of Life Revision Vocabulary.docx

Transition to Multicellularity videos: Videos on Multicellularity.docx

Protist Wanted Poster assignment: Kingdom Protozoa Research Project.docx

Chapter 26 Sponges, Cnidarians and Unsegmented WormsChapter 26.pdf

Unsegmented worm video links: Unsegmented worm videos.docx

Sponge Notes: Sponge notes.pdf

Sponge video links: Sponge links.docx

First Animals:  Ctenophora and Placozoa.pdf

Cnidarian Notes: cnidarians page 1.pdfcnidarians page 2.pdf

Annelids and Molluscs:  Chapter 27.pdf

Unit 1 - Microbiology

Poster Project: Virus and Bacteria Poster Project.docx

Main website for information:

Videos:  Virus and Bacteria Poster Videos.docx

Prokaryotes - Bacteria

Introducing the microbiome (Oct 10th + 11th)

NYT microbiome article: NYT Micrbiome brain.pdf

How bacteria rule over your body:

Bubonic Plague and Quorum Sensing (Oct 9th)

The past, present, and future of the bubonic plague:

How bacteria communicate:

Introducing Bacteria, Part 2 (Oct. 7 & 8)

The science behind gratitude:

Bacteria notes: Bacteria Notes 1.pdf

Bacteria PPT:Bacteria PPT.pdf

What's Growing in our Classroom, Part 2What’s growing in our classroom reflection.pdf

Introducing Bacteria, Part 1 (Oct. 2nd & 3rd)

Microbes and Food LabPreserving food Lab.docx


Amoeba Sisters Bacteria:

Dividing Bacteria:

Swarming Bacteria:

Food Waste is the World's Dumbest Problem:

LS 11 Blocks 2 & 4 Class on Skepticism (Sept. 30th):

For those interested in reading further on the potential for life on other planets, moons, etc:

Astrobiology Primer


Click here: Friday, Sept. 27 Block 8.docx

- Beyond Phages.pdf

Mind Map guide .pdf


Term 3  2018 - 2019

Textbook Glossary: Glossary.pdf

Chapter 30-1 Phylogeny and Embryo development  Ch 30-1.pdf

Chapter 28:  Chapter 28.pdf

Poison as Medicine article: Poison as Medicine.docx

Chapter 28 Review Questions:  Chapter 28 questions.docx

Chapter 28 Videos:  Arthropod project video links.docx

Chapter 29: Ch 29.pdf

Chapter Review Questions:  Chapter 29 Review.docx

Chapter 30  Ch 30-1.pdf

Chapter 31  Ch 31.pdf

Link to video Your Inner Fish:

Chapter 32  Ch 32.pdf  Ch 32-2.pdf

Chapter 33  Ch 33.pdf

Chapter 34-1 34-1.pdf

Chapter 36 ch 36.pdf

Tree of life with traits: TreeofLife_36x28_pics.pdf

video links for Chordate project: Final Project video links.docx

Chapter 13 Chapter 13.pdf

 Chapter 13 homework questions: Chapter 13.docx

Chapter 14 Chapter 14.pdf

Chapter 14 Review: Chapter 14 Review.docx

Video link:

Supplimental article: SA Epigenetics  SA Epigenetics.pdf

Chapter 19:  Chapter 19.pdf

Chapter 19 Great Videos:  fungus video links.docx

Chapter 19 Review Questions: Chapter 19 Questions.docx

Chapter 20:  Chapter 20.pdf

Chapter 20 Questions: Page 435.docx

Term 1 Topics

Chapter 5 Review Questions: Chapter 5 Review.docx

Additional Vocabulary words to define: Review Vocabulary 8 and 9.docx

Energy transformations:  Photosynthesis and cellular respiration.docx

Chapter 17:  Chapter 17.pdf

Chapter 17 videos:  Chapter 17 Video links.docx

Chapter 16:  Chapter 16.pdf

Chapter 15ch 15.pdf

Scientific American Article about Plankton: Plankton.pdf

Chapter 15 Review: Chapter 15 Review.docx

Term 2  2018 - 2019

Sponge Notes: Sponge notes.pdf

Videos of Sponges: Sponge video links.docx

Text Questions page 657: Page 657.docx

Cnidarian Notes: cnidarians page 1.pdf   cnidarians page 2.pdf

Unsegmented Worm Notes:  Unsegmented worm notes.pdf

Videos of Unsegmented Worms:  Video links for flatworms and roundworms.docx

Chapter 27 Chapter 27.pdf

Videos of Annelids:  Annelid video links.docx

Annelids notes.pdf

mollusc notes.pdf

Videos of Molluscs: Mollusc videos.docx

3 D video links.docx

Chapter 27 Review Questions: Page 604.docx

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